11 Female Entrepreneurs in Marketing to Watch

Julia McCoy
4 min readJun 22, 2020

‘It’s a man’s world’.

This is just one of the many gender-based stereotypes used to discourage women from venturing into male-dominated industries. But women are increasingly defying the odds and succeeding in professions that are traditionally perceived to be cut out for men. Marketing is no exception.

Here’s a look at eleven female entrepreneurs that are making great strides in today’s digital marketing landscape.

1. Ann Handley

An acclaimed author, keynote speaker, and one pioneer of the digital marketing revolution, Ann Handley is the world’s first Chief Content Officer. If you think content marketing is a boring subject, grab a copy of her Wall Street Journal best-sellers Content Rules (2010) and Everybody Writes (2014) to see just how much fun it is. Besides her many distinguished titles, Ann is the Head of Content at MarketingProfs. Visit her site and connect with her on Twitter at @MarketingProfs.

2. Lilach Bullock

A multi-award-winning digital marketer, Lilach Bullock writes about digital marketing topics, both content and social. She has worked with many top brands and built a name for herself not just in her home country, the U.K., but also abroad. Armed with her lovely British accent and vast knowledge about marketing, Lilach delivers impressive speeches to her audiences at workshops and conferences. She has also authored three books on Amazon in her bid to share her vast knowledge with other marketers. Visit Lilach’s site and connect with her on @lilachbullock.

3. Tamara McCleary

You can’t talk about the tech and futuristic space industry and leave the name Tamara McCleary out of the discussion. As the CEO of Thulium, she’s a globally acclaimed technology futurist and expert on social media marketing for B2Bs and B2Cs. She specializes in influence, relationships, and conscious business. Visit her site and connect with her on @TamaraMcCleary.

4. Sonia Simone

Chief Content Officer and co-founder of Rainmaker Digital (and one of the people behind the success of Copyblogger), Sonia helps a select handful of business clients produce lead- and sales-generating content for their target audiences. Every year, she organizes several workshops to share her knowledge of content creation with marketers, content creators, and business writers…

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