It was winter of 2011, a freezing cold day in Pennsylvania.

I was driving home to tell my parents I’d failed college… again.

I still remember this day. VIVIDLY. I was in tears the whole drive home. I was 19 years old, and I knew that I didn’t love the…

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It’s hard to believe there was a time when it was uncommon to find women in the workplace.

Today, women are shattering glass ceilings and heading some of the most powerful companies in the world.

From General Motors and Best Buy to Hershey and UPS, women own four out of…

I’ve been running my content agency Express Writers for nine years, and the part that still amazes me today is that we’ve never had a brick and mortar office. …

‘It’s a man’s world’.

This is just one of the many gender-based stereotypes used to discourage women from venturing into male-dominated industries. But women are increasingly defying the odds and succeeding in professions that are traditionally perceived to be cut out for men. Marketing is no exception.

Here’s a look…

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I grew up in a “Christian church,” led by a “Christian pastor.”

He was up at 4 a.m. every day to study, absorb, and then preach a specific version of Christianity rooted in Calvinistic Christianity, Fundamentalism (the same strain of Fundamentalism in Handmaid’s Tale), and Puritanism.

(I just finished spending…

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There’s one truth I’ve learned from eight years of entrepreneurship that holds firm. Like a rock continually hit by water but remaining immovable, standing true, staying firm.

Yet I see so many entrepreneurs around me — some of them incredibly bright, charismatic, smart— forgetting this truth. …

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No matter your job title in the marketing universe, knowing how to write (and write well) is critical.

If you expect to make an impact on any type of audience, good online content is not an option. It’s a necessity.

Particularly, you should start with trusty types of content and…

This was originally posted elsewhere on August 15, 2018. In the wake of a ‘content audit’, I sent it marching off to the trash can, after noticing zero ROI from it compared to my other blogs. At the last moment, I saved it from total death and decided to republish…

Content Hacker is here! We JUST launched Friday, June 28, and I couldn’t be more excited. Get the free kit.

Update June 30, 2019: Content Hacker is here! I’m so excited to share this resource with you. Go check it out! And watch this video on YouTube to learn more about it. ⬇️

As many of you noticed on Twitter, today was the reveal of the sneak peek for…

My little one “helping” me after hours. Lots of late nights to build this curriculum!

I’m super excited to share the news that my intensive SEO writing course, The Expert SEO Content Writer, is officially open!

Learn more & check out the course here:

Back in September of 2018, we successfully tested the course with an epic beta launch. …

Julia McCoy

CEO of @ExpWriters. Founder @content_hackers. Educator at Content Hacker™ Academy. Author of multiple bestsellers, including Woman Rising: A True Story.

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