High-ticket almost killed my business.

Julia McCoy
6 min readJan 25
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It was one of the hottest summer days ever in Texas.

Over 100 degrees, enough to fry an egg on the pavement.

Our new backyard pool glistened and glimmered, and I dipped my feet deeply in it that Saturday morning, soaking in the thoughts and excitement.

I was about to make a big change in my business at Content Hacker.

That Saturday morning, I remember feeling excited yet nervous. Something in me was constantly asking— are you sure about this? Can you stake your entire business on this high-ticket offer?

Earlier that week, I’d finally Zoomed the guru I’d wired over $15,000 to.

I was eagerly anticipating that call. I’d done a ton of work filling out his homework docs. Maybe this would bring me the breakthrough I craved. The lightning bolt to zap me to $50,000 months faster than if I hadn’t invested in his expertise.


I was surprised by the onboarding call. I’ll be honest. It felt rushed. He obviously hadn’t even looked at my website before the call. He was in a coffee shop, people all around him; I felt like I was a number on the list to get through.

(Which I should have seen, in hindsight, because I was; it was clear to me after that he was all about the monthly MRR he was pushing hard to make and talk about, when I did the math and realized he’d have to do 40+ calls like mine per month necessary to uphold those numbers.

Compare that to the standards I uphold when coaching: I don’t do more than 5 of those calls per month. And mine are extremely well prepped and prayed for, with feedback coming my way afterwards like the text my friend and client Jeanie sent me: “Julia, you are sent from God to people, whether you know it or not.” That’s the level of quality in my coaching I always want to uphold. And we make massive moves together. Massive. Midas-touch style. It’s a lot of fun.)

Our first 10 minutes contained 5 minutes of complete silence as he sat there reading my site with me on the line. I kept wondering… Hadn’t he prepared and read this beforehand?

The first suggestions thrown my way after that 5-minute study were way off. They contained no knowledge of the careful…

Julia McCoy

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