Quit Worrying About Your CTRs, KPIs and List Growth, and Start Thinking About Your Customer.

Julia McCoy
4 min readNov 14, 2018
Photo by Joel Valle / Are we listening to our customers?

As I write this (November 2018), I’m smack-dab in the middle of designing a brand new agency site and systems for my company, Express Writers. I’m sure one day I’ll look back with pride on this moment. We’ve been working on the bare bones of this for more than three years. My husband, CTO Josh McCoy, is leading the initiative. There is no joke about our undertaking—to fully understand it, you need to know that we’ve hired a developer from NASA. We’re that serious.

My job this month is the copy and the structure of more than 50 leading pages of copy for the new site. Luckily, I have my awesome team helping me.

Today, as I was working on our new home page and the surrounding key pages, a lightbulb of realization hit me.

I know my ideal client by now (after seven years of marketing to them, I should hope I do). We’ve sold over $4MM in content services to our ideal clients since I founded the agency in 2011. I’ve done client surveys, held dozens of live market research telephone calls, and read hundreds of our customer chat threads.

Customer research pays off.

Here’s the thing.

After seven years of selling, I’ve learned that I don’t need to construct a mechanism to “sell” my client.

I simply need to present a solution that works for them in their time of need, and prove to them I’m the expert they can trust their money to.

A clean, uncluttered site. Solid UX. Great copy. Working systems. Quality of service. A great team. All these things are a part of that solution, yes.

But there isn’t a “secret sauce” to it. There isn’t a special “mechanism.”

It’s all about you meeting your customer where they need you the most. And then earning their trust. (You can’t fake this. Some do, but I believe all of those fakers and frauds die by the wayside in the end.)

While working on our new pages, I came up with the simplest idea ever to “convert” or “catch” a lead on our new descriptive service pages.

I laughed at the simplicity of it. And, I smiled as I put myself in the shoes of my leads, thinking — “OMG

Julia McCoy

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