What is A Content Hacker?

Julia McCoy
4 min readApr 25, 2019
Content Hacker is here! We JUST launched Friday, June 28, and I couldn’t be more excited. Get the free kit.

Update June 30, 2019: Content Hacker is here! I’m so excited to share this resource with you. Go check it out! And watch this video on YouTube to learn more about it. ⬇️

As many of you noticed on Twitter, today was the reveal of the sneak peek for my all-new brand, Content Hacker™.

I shared the brand name and my new website LIVE today for the first time during #TwitterSmarter. It was such an exciting hour! Thanks to Madalyn Sklar for having me on as a guest host.

Ever since I began getting into content marketing in 2011, I’ve always been about the reality of what works. I have to be — my agency, Express Writers, survives and lives on in the industry because of the content marketing we do.

And I couldn’t find a better term than content hacker to describe this, when I was brainstorming the name of a personal brand I wanted to launch offering educational resources, e-learning, etc.

Content hacker is a term that was first coined by Garrett Moon of CoSchedule (noun, growth-focused content marketers). Content hackers are the content creators that expose WORKING methods. And this is mega-important, in today’s noise around all the content and marketing methods you could be doing.

Garrett’s done the hard work already, defining the term. My part begins today. Building a community, defining a modern-day skillset, and putting down the beginnings of an even bigger legacy for our industry of content marketing. Mark my words. Content Hacker will be all of that.

It was important to me, during the ‘live’ reveal of my first brand sneak peek, to clarify that content hacker means growth-focused content marketer, and not overnight “hacks.” I appreciated the chance to do this live through Madalyn’s Twitter chat, and talk to…

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